Create an exclusive atmosphere in your home with real marble. Our marble tiles are cut from the finest marble blocks in Italy and Spain and are handpicked by our experts.

Marble is known for its durability and resistance to wear, which makes it perfect for both floors and walls. The surface is finished to create either a polished (smooth), satin, sandblasted (textured) or brushed finish; depending on what expression you want for your home.

Each marble block also has its very own unique character and color. The most classic are the white and gray marble from the famous Carrara quarry in northern Tuscany and the black, elegant Nero Marquina from northern Spain. Made of green marble, the beautiful Verde Alpi from the Alps in northern Italy is a world-renowned classic.

Explore more exclusive marble tiles below or visit our showroom in Oslo for inspiration and

Pris per m2: Kr 4119

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